It’s about time. I’ve delayed this resurrection long enough. My id and I were growing restless. Something had to be done, before an emotional critical mass was reached. So it goes, and here we are.

Nepara cool mondo is back. Resurekto!

Which reminds me—this is probably as good a time as any to explain what Nepara cool mondo is. What it means. I’ve been asked a few times. I’ve also been asked why I don’t blog more. So I should probably answer that, as well.

Let’s look at this as me re-introducing myself to you. I’m very active on my social media—save for Twitter; I still don’t really get Twitter—but a lot of the time when I post my thoughts on Facebook, people ask why I don’t have a blog. Well, truth it, I do have a blog; have had a blog for a few years now. It’s just that my use of it has been, shall we say, sporadic. This is not because I don’t like blogging. Truth is, I love it. And, way back in antiquity (the Myspace days of the mid-200s), I was quite a prolific blogger. Two or three posts a day, ranging from deeply thought-out essays on everything from religion, sex, and fear, to insipid rants about movies and music. I was drinking a lot back then, and would pretty much blog about every damn thought that entered my head, and, more often than not, those thoughts really had no business being typed out. I was amused, though. As were others. I think at my height, I had four hundred subscribers? I don’t remember. And I know that’s really not all that big of an audience, relatively speaking, but hell, it was fun while it lasted.

Why did I stop? Well, Myspace stopped, basically. And I never bothered to seek out another venue. Facebook—well, all they had were “notes,” and I didn’t like the way those looked. I posted a few, but my interest quickly dwindled. I mean, why bother typing out a whole note, when you can fit the whole thing in a status post?

And, frankly, I got too busy to keep up with it. When I was originally blogging, I wasn’t doing anything with my life—other than the aforementioned drinking. I diddled around on Facebook, again not doing much with my life, for a couple of years, and then in 2009 I got involved with filmmaking and screenwriting again. I had given all that up several years before, vowing to never delve into it again. But, as a wise man or woman once said, “never say never.”

But all of that is for another blog, which I plan to write some other time. Let’s flash forward several years, to the year 2013. This was the year I decided to throw myself back into fiction writing (another lifelong pursuit that I had abandoned in my thirties due to ennui—read: my battle with depression, and my excessive drinking made me hate myself, and convince myself I was untalented and had nothing to say anyway). In 2013, I had an opportunity to submit a short story to anthology, and I took it. Contributed another story the next year to another antho. I had been bitten by the bug again, and bitten hard. I still have the scar. It’s sexy.

So, being bitten by the writing bug again, I began to looking for opportunities to write more. One day, in 2015, I was given an opportunity to go down to the World Horror Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, to pitch a novel to several prospective publishers. I had a novel to pitch (though it was unwritten at the time), and figured fuck it, let’s do this.

Again, this is all for another blog, but let’s just say that this path led me to eventually selling my first novel in 2016. And that’s when I started to think more seriously about blogging again. Most every other published writer I saw had a blog, and I realized what a great way it is to connect with readers. Let them into my odd, cool, little world a bit.

Ergo, I’m back to blogging. And, speaking of odd, cool, little worlds…

This brings us to Nepara cool mondo. 

Nepara cool mondo is Esperanto for “odd, cool world.” See, back when I first started this WordPress blog, I was also neck-deep in fascination for Esperanto, which is, if you don’t wish to clink on the link, a “universal language” of sorts invented in the late 1800s. I honestly don’t recall what triggered my fascination for the language, but it’s stuck with me. (The title of this blog entry is also Esperanto, for “resurrection.”)

Nepara cool mondo is my riff on David Bowie’s song, “Real Cool World”.


I didn’t really dig the way “real cool world” looked, so I tried other words, and eventually settled on “odd cool world.”

Why? Well, that’s pretty much how I look at the world. No matter how awful it can be sometimes, one must admit, when faced with all its facets—curious, sublime, terrifying, gorgeous facets—it is a pretty odd, cool place. At least I think so.

I have quite a few blogs planned, not to mention a kick-ass interview series I’m doing. In fact, my next blog will be an introduction to that series. If you’re a book reader, you’re not going to want to miss this!

So, join me, won’t you, in this nepara cool mondo?


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