La legado vivo! With Ray Garton!

  Ray Garton has been writing novels, novellas, and short stories in the horror and crime genres for more than 30 years, including such titles as Live Girls, Ravenous, Scissors, Sex and Violence in Hollywood, The Girl in the Basement, ‘Nids, and many others. His short stories have been published in magazines like Cemetery Dance and anthologies such as … Continue reading La legado vivo! With Ray Garton!

Burning Bushes & Baked Potatoes

(NOTE: Originally written and posted on Myspace, on April 29th, 2007; revised on July 29th, 2012) A month or so ago, there was a story in the local news about a woman who was making dinner, and when she cut open a potato, she found an abnormality. And she swears it was a "sign from … Continue reading Burning Bushes & Baked Potatoes